Retail industry has experienced immense growth over the last few years. There are many factors working in favor for retail companies. Customer's preferences have changed and are looking for not only good brands but value for money product range. The heavy discount which is achieved by retail chains because of large economies of scale is another factor which is attracting people to purchase products from them. More and more brands are flocking to India enticing customers to try their products. There is distinct improvement in infrastructure facilities.

Challenges in Retail industry

Customer Acquisition and Retention:

It is one of the major challenges being faced by every retail chain. The solution lies in improving customer satisfaction. That is the reason why many retail chains have introduced loyalty programs which have objective of customer retention.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain has become more complex. A check has to be kept on the number of intermediaries which directly affects costs. A smooth and streamlined efficient process will help in better inventory management and reduce waste

Demand Forecasting:

Customer preferences keep changing. The retail chains need to keep track of sales and accurate information should be accessible at all times so that they can stock products by predicting demand.


The increasing number of competitors has resulted in price wars. Operation efficiency can reduce costs and benefit can be passed to customer.

Vestrics Solutions along with SAP provides solutions which let you collate information and improve business efficiency. Vestrics Solutions helps in increasing retail company's flexibility and response time. We understand customer mindset. We help retail chains enhance customer experience by making shopping more interactive for customers. Multiple offers and personalized service is the key.


Every manufacturer has different requirements. Make to stock manufacturers need strong estimating and buy to the job capabilities, while make to stock manufacturers need accurate demand forecasting and component / finished goods assembly management tools. There are many things which manufactures have to take care of.

Challenges in Manufacturing industry

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Complex Supply Chain
  • Intense Competition
  • Standardizing Processes

The dynamics of business has changed. It is becoming hard to forecast demand in products. Standard orders are a rarity. Custom solutions are to be provided and at faster rate. The competition is intense and as such manufacturing companies have to contain costs to protect their margins.

Primary focus of Manufacturing industries

The primary concern for manufacturers is to maintain demand and supply. Manufacturers have to procure raw materials and develop products within specified time frame. They also have to deal with regulatory measures which keep changing. For avoiding any mismatch between demand and supply, manufacturers have to maintain a good stock without burdening their resources. They have to segment which products can be readily delivered and which products have to be stocked.

Vestrics Solutions helps manufacturing companies to gain competitive advantage through technological innovation. The key lies in better integration of processes. With better integration, operation efficiency will improve resulting in lower costs through the value chain and more profits. We provide system applications which will remove inefficiencies in the process through synchronized information flow, utilizing maximum capacity of manufacturing units and matching the demand of clients.

Transport & Logistics

Transport means movement of goods from point of origin to point of deliverythrough different modes like air, rail etc. Logistic comprises management ofresources for movement of goods including transportation, flow ofinformation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging and security. Abigger concern for logistic companies is to streamline the complete process.The task of logistics is to ensure that the required good or service movessmoothly from beginning till the end. For better logistic management,efficiency has to be increased to derive the maximum value from differentprocesses.

Challenges of Transportation and Logistics industry

The costs for transportation are escalating and it is becoming very hard to control costs. Airlines are getting burdened under maintaining operational efficiency. The shipping companies are also under scanner by the different countries. There is also the issue of escalating fuel prices which is also increasing the costs for transportation companies. In order to stay competitive, transport service providers need to increase operational efficiency as well as maintain client relationship by providing high quality services.

Apart from transport, logistic companies have to deal with more variables. The warehouses are to be maintained and there should be effective capacity utilization. The inventory cycle also needs effective management in order to avoid excessive stock. And these days, there are huge security concerns on the part of clients as well. Since so many tasks are to be executed on a regular basis, flow of information should be streamlined so that the process keeps working.

Vestrics provides cost effective IT solutions. Our team with vast experience can set up systems which will result in increased operational efficiency. We also provide payment gateways as well as customer loyalty solutions.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical sector is one of those sectors which require huge investments. These days, regulatory guidelines are becoming tougher. Opposed to earlier, it has become very difficult to get access to new markets unless there is substantial clinical benefit derived from the product. The possibility of price increase is limited owing to stiff competition. The registered patents are nearing expiry and R&D costs are spiraling upwards.

Challenges in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industry

Operational efficiency was neglected owing to huge returns. However the same business model cannot be continued. There is need to put cost control measures. The processes efficiency needs to be improved. The areas of concern are:

R&D Costs:

Some pharmaceutical companies have in-house R&D. But many pharmaceutical companies have outsourced R&D to third parties to control costs. This has resulted in many collaborations and partnerships. The challenge is smooth information flow from one entity to another.

Supply Chain:

There is need to reach to release the product as soon as possible. An efficient supply chain will ensure that response to customer's demand is faster. If the complete process is streamlined, it will result directly in low inventory.

Stringent Norms::

The government regulations are becoming more and stiffer. There is strict screening process for quality and effectiveness.

Product Lifecycle:

By their very nature, medical equipments take long time to develop. There is need to shorten their development cycle and bring it to market as soon as possible.

Vestrics Solutions provide whole array of solutions for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We provide solution which lets clear and transparent flow of information. We integrate system software's with different entities so that vital information becomes accessible to the decision makers.

Awards and Recognitions

Vestrics has won National Championship Award 2014 for the contribution in SAP Business One.

Vestrics has won Best Partner Performance Award 2014.

Vestrics is one of The Leading SAP partner in India.


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